“We had no-one else we could relate to until we joined the local autism group. Finding the WNAG has been a lifeline for us ,as we’ve managed to meet others who share the same struggles as us. We can swap stories, tips and ideas . Plus the activities have enabled our son’s sister to join him at activities where she has made friendships with other young carers . The private sensory and soft play sessions allow our son to be himself . It doesn’t matter what he does. We think the support WNAG gives to families in West Norfolk is fantastic.” BC

“You were the first group we joined after diagnosis . It was amazing to feel so part of something and realise we weren’t alone.” KM

“Without this group I wouldn’t have met such wonderful parents who understand our journey.” WZ

“The activities are amazing and it’s great to be able to go out and meet other similar families and children , it boosts my confidence when my son Can actually do an activity and I can let him be himself.” LF

“Seeing our son at the trampoline park with his sister just reminded us that he’s a little boy who deserves to have some fun , he just needs to do things differently and this group makes that possible.” SB

“The activities are the lifeline our family needed . With three children on the spectrum it’s such a relief for them to be understood.” CB

“Really helps us to not feel alone in parenting problems we face, such a supportive group and help us meet other families. We treasure the activities you arrange as without them we would be so limited on what fun things we can do. It is so nice to go to activities which we feel are safe, welcoming and non judgemental space allowing our son to have fun but is manageable for us too. All the volunteers are heroes in our eyes.❤️” KR

“The West Norfolk Autism Group has helped my family in so many ways! From activities for our children to coffee mornings for us. I have made lifelong friends through this organisation. The chair of the committee has helped me with advice, both regarding autism and even helped with other matters . They genuinely try and help with whatever they can. Being a single parent to two autistic teenagers can be very tricky, with the WNAG I feel less alone.” SB

“Even though currently my son’s panic attacks make physically leaving the house to attend events impossible. I do really value the support of the group, and knowing that I am not alone. I also appreciate where we are included as group members for things that may help us. It’s lovely to see all the photo’s of activities that the group are participating in and I look forward to the day that we can participate as well.” HB

Reviews from a talk from Geoff Evans on Autism and Puberty...

“Really excellent information and entertaining speaker . Thanks Committee for your hard work organising it.” LJ

“I thought Geoff was excellent . I’d like him to come back and carry on with this subject. There was so much more to say . Also is he available to lecture on anxiety as that would be very good.” BD

“Really interesting and informative afternoon. Thank you really appreciated.” KB

“Thanks for today it was really good , can we get him back again to go more into it all please.” CC

Reviews from a talk from Dr Hilary after in Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)...

“Very informative.” DD

“Very informative and helpful thank you.” MJ

“Really enjoyed it thank you.” BA

“Was brilliant , so very useful for our family . Thank you so much.” SB

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